Anthony Weiner Had Contact With a Teenage Girl


Weinergate has now transitioned from bad to straight-up disastrous. Now, on top of everything else, he’s admitting to having had contact with a teenage girl in Delaware. What this contact consisted of isn’t clear, and there’s no evidence that Weiner descended to Lisa Weiss-level raunchiness with the girl. He denies that anything inappropriate happened.

Two police officers interviewed the girl yesterday, and a Fox News reporter who was hanging out around her house got a quote: “I’m doing OK.” The girl is 17 and just finished her junior year in high school. Fox reports that she started following Weiner on Twitter in April after seeing him speak. Weiner followed back and direct-messaged her on April 13. Weiner’s spokeswoman said, “His communications with this person were neither explicit nor indecent.”

According to the Daily News, “The girl and Weiner did exchange a handful of private direct messages, and in one he described himself as a superhero and wrote: ‘I came back strong. Large. Tights and cape. …'” This is a creaky old line that Weiner also used on Lisa Weiss. You can’t say it’s explicit or sexual per se. But it is suggestive and vaguely icky and the fact is she’s 17, so none of it is really okay, right?

Correspondence between Weiner and a 34-year-old Georgia teacher named Traci Nobles has also surfaced. On May 5, Nobles wrote, “i cant stop thinking about you. I’m touching myself as we speak. i want you inside of me. i need to see you mr. congressman. please don’t disappoint me!” And Weiner goes, “Please understand i am a very important man. I’m always busy but i promise i will make time for you soon! Don’t the pictures I send keep you satisfied?”

Yes, a very important man. In other news, here’s Bill Maher and Jane Lynch doing a dramatic reading of Weiner’s sexts accompanied by soothing chamber music.

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