First Blueberries of the Season Appear in Abingdon Square Farmers’ Market


Sweet, sweeet blueberries, at $5 per pint

The first farmers’ market blueberries appeared today at the Kernan Farms stall in the Abingdon Square farmers’ market. How did they do it, a full month before the fruit usually appears?

Time to make a pie, crumble, muffins, or a galette

Kernan Farms is located in Bridgeton, New Jersey, near the very southern tip of New Jersey. It’s a fascinating part of the state, possessing a micro-climate moist and sunny, more like the Carolinas than the rest of New Jersey. In fact, during colonial times, the area had a plantation economy.

In this climate, blueberries, tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables mature a full month earlier than in, say, the Catskills or the Hudson Valley, where many of the other farmers’ market stalls originate.

Kernan Farms will be at Abingdon Square until approximately 3 p.m., if you want to fly over there.