Tim Pawlenty Invents Charming Portmanteau; Filipino 18-Year-Old Is World’s Shortest Man


Crazy person and Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty has come up with a totally inventive term for our current health care laws: “Obamneycare.” Get it? Like Obama + Romney. It’s supposed to recall how Mitt Romney shamefully tried to help uninsured people with health problems as the governor of Massachusetts. Pawlenty also said some other stuff that is neither grammatically correct nor coherent. [CNN]

Junrey Balawing, the 18-year-old son of a blacksmith in the southern Philippines, has been crowned the world’s shortest man in the Guinness Book of World Records. Balawing stands 23.5 inches tall. He mysteriously stopped growing at two months old. If you want to see something super-cute, click through and look at his face as he reacts to the news of his title. [NYDN]

Mark Zuckerberg might be getting hitched! Bill Gates, of all people, let it slip. [Gawker]

Tennessee Republican Representative Stacy Campfield: “We had to kiss a lot of ugly girls at the prom, but we took the pretty one home. As long as we got what I was looking for, which was defunding Planned Parenthood, I’m willing to let it drop.” [Jezebel via Knox News]

“A Gay Girl in Damascus” is actually some Scottish dude in Turkey. [The Atlantic]

Harold Camping, professional Rapture prediction-maker, has suffered a stroke. [Gothamist]

Prince Philip, William and Harry’s grandfather, is 90! [PopSugar]