Anthony Weiner Now Busted for Unregistered Car and Expired License Plate


Disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner has been having a pretty shitty month (deserved or not). Amid calls to resign, seeking treatment for his “issues,” and being generally condemned by the New York City population, he’s now been busted for driving around in an unregistered car! Some sharp-eyed individual was able to catch that the July 2007 registration sticker on Weiner’s Nissan Pathfinder had expired, note that there was no visible inspection sticker — and checked with the DMV, who confirmed that the license plate, which had actually been issued to another of Weiner’s cars, had expired in 2006.

While the Daily News takes this fact and runs with it — “Lying about sexting apparently isn’t Rep. Anthony Weiner’s only gray area” — we are loath to equate the two misdeeds. Still, it’s not good. Weiner — man. We’re just shaking our heads, here.