Carl Kruger, Two Other Dems Now Reportedly Support Gay Marriage


Three more votes have reportedly been secured for gay marriage legislation working its way through the New York Senate, including Brooklyn Democrat Carl Kruger, who was formerly staunchly anti-gay but was recently outed.

Three Democratic senators who voted “no” last time — Joseph Addabbo Jr. and Shirley L. Huntley of Queens, and Kruger — have switched to “yes” votes, according to Marriage Equality New York.

UPDATE, 6:30 p.m., June 13: The first Republican, Senator Jim Alesi of Rochester, has announced he will vote for gay marriage.

It would have been hard for Kruger — outed by the Post in March and under investigation for using campaign funds to pay for the house he shares with his male companion — to vote against the gays this time.

But Huntley’s is the most surprising switch.

Her office told us she had been “undecided” until hours before her “no” vote in 2009. Given her cagey responses this time around, and her office’s displeasure at having activists show up on its doorstep, we figured she’d play it coy until the end and probably not come around at all.

Addabbo had been repeatedly identified as the most likely person to flip on his 2009 vote, and in a fight during which senators have been receiving a surprisingly light level of constituent feedback, he recently received 2,000 constituent letters in support of gay marriage.

With this announcement, it seems that every Democratic senator in the state (except Ruben Diaz) is behind the measure. But that comes to just 29 votes, three shy of the number needed for passage.

The Republicans have yet to publicly announce a single supporter. With Alesi the first Republican to announce support, the legislation is still two votes short. If gay marriage is going to become a reality in this session, it looks as if Mayor Bloomberg, Ken Melhman, and the Log Cabin Republicans have their lobbying work cut out for them.