Could Anything Be Sadder Than The Casey Anthony Case?


The whole thing fills me with deep-seated dread, and such horrid feelings I need to hose myself down every time I hear about it.

This is a woman who obviously had something to do with killing her daughter for whatever crazed, superficial reason (not that there’s ever a more meaningful reason), and sent the cops on wild goose chases thanks to her terrible alibis and rickety excuses.

A woman who was involved in and/or covered up the extermination of a child, and who in the process destroyed her own life, while lying and equivocating about her misdeeds even more than that other Anthony, Mr. Weiner, has about his.

Every new revelation — the duct tape on the two-year-old’s mouth, the googling of child-killing methods — makes one sicker and sicker as the dark side of Americana reminds us once again that home can be where the heartlessness is.

I am so horribly sad for Caylee — and even for Casey.