Howard Stern Gets Slammed By Comic!


It’s not all ugly, mind you.

But in the breezily readable new memoir from comic Pat Cooper called How Dare You Say How Dare Me?, the Italian firebrand Cooper — who was a mouthy regular on the Stern show — has this to say:

“I really like Howard. I always have.

“But Howard went to the Hamptons.

“Howard remarried and went A-list.

“Howard’s real audience is riding around in cars and trucks and cabs listening to AM/FM for what Howard pays his interns.

“They’re not subscribing to a satellite company to get 120 channels.

“Howard left his real audience in traffic.”

And I guess they’re stuck there!

Concludes the non-punch-holding Cooper, Howard actually left his audience very gradually.

Says he:

“The crowns worn by the King of all Media came off one jewel at a time.”

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt!