Kenneth Moreno, Fired NYPD Officer, Wants More Child Support


One of the officers acquitted in the East Village rape case is now strapped for cash after being fired from the NYPD for misconduct. Kenneth Moreno, who has custody of his 14-year-old daughter, is demanding more child support from his ex-girlfriend, who in turn is smearing him to the New York Post. “OK, he lost his job now — but why should I have to pay for what he did?” she said. “He’s just being spiteful. He’s angry.” Moreno filed in court for more cash on May 27, the day after he was acquitted, but the pair have a tumultuous history, including at least six violent altercations stemming back to 1999. The parents’ next court date is June 29, the day after Moreno will be sentenced for three counts of official misconduct stemming from the rape case; he faces up to two years in jail. From his ex, Moreno is requesting more than the $50 per month he receives now.