Mars Bar’s Days Are Seriously Numbered


We knew this was coming, but still don’t want to accept it. The Mars Bar, one of the East Village’s last venerable pillars of filth, is closing, possibly by the end of the month.

Per Crain’s, residents of the building that houses the bar must vacate their apartments by the end of the month. The building, and the one adjoining it, will be torn down in August to make way for 12 stories of luxury apartments.

EV Grieve noticed over the weekend that Joe’s Locksmith, which also occupies one of the doomed buildings, is closing on June 30, which encourages speculation that Mars Bar will do the same. Crain’s notes that the building’s tenants will be able to buy apartments in the new high-rise for only $10. Mars Bar, of course, was also given the option to reopen, but whatever its owners choose to do, it seems safe to say that the Mars Bar as we know it is headed for its grave.