R. Kelly Is Hanging On The Telephone


R. Kelly’s 2010 album Love Letter sparkles with old-school tropes from top to bottom, so it makes sense that he’d go back to the time when terrestrial radio still mattered for the video for the pleading “Radio Message.” He somehow manages to parlay calling into a Chicago radio station at precisely the right time into an opportunity to command the airwaves with a full-on song for the woman he wronged, who just happens to be driving around the Chicagoland area at the precise moment of his call. (That the DJ lets him stay on the line for as long as he does stretches credibility a bit, although would you hang up on those pipes? I wouldn’t—especially given that “Radio Message” is one of those instantly catchy sort of pleas that you have to hear all the way through its close.) Clip below.

Hey, wait, there’s a vinyl pressing of Love Letter? I want one!

Kells plays the Prudential Center on June 30.