[UPDATED] Paul McCartney Playing Yankee Stadium In July; Second Date Added


Tickets to Paul McCartney’s July 15 concert at the new Yankee Stadium, which will serve as something of a b-side to the concerts he played at the Mets’ new home in 2009, go on sale at 11 a.m. today, with post-service-charge prices ranging from $42.25 to $293.90; there are also a bunch of VIP packages for people who think that the proper way to honor a Beatle is to spend a lot of money on seeing him perform a concert. (And yes, the dinner that comes along with the highest-echelon VIP packages is a vegetarian one.)

UPDATE: The show sold out quickly enough that a second gig’s been added for July 16. Tickets are on sale now. (Is it worth pointing out that the Yankees are out of town from July 10 through July 21? Maybe!)