BREAKING: Music Festival Attendees Do Drugs


“Officially, Bonnaroo forbids drugs. Unofficially, all kinds of drugs were as easy to find as the ice cream. Marijuana was most prevalent. As at many festivals and rock concerts, the usual laws seem not to apply; transactions that could lead to a prison term on city streets are conducted openly here. ”
The Times blows the lid off the whole “people doing drugs at Bonnaroo” story with a tsk-tsky op-ed by self-proclaimed “eclectic listener” Carrie Jerrell, who makes the above observation. Elsewhere in the piece, you’d better believe there’s a Woodstock comparison! And it invokes a Kennedy in the following manner: “The kids didn’t know who he was. They didn’t care. They just wanted to hear more music.” Kids today, am I right? I bet you everyone at Woodstock paid attention to every last political word uttered from that stage!