Elderly Couple Terrorize Neighbors Following Cat Poop Dispute


A sweet old Pennsylvania couple, Harold and Ruth Rought, who are 83 and 89, respectively, became very upset when a neighbor got mad at them (allegedly) for feeding stray cats. Allegedly, this angry neighbor got back at them by dumping cat poop all over their yard. (Allegedly, the cats might have deposited the poop in the yard themselves.) What happened next? You’ll never guess.

The darling Roughts told their neighbors they would shoot them if they kept up this cat poop harassment! The neighbors did not take kindly to this, and reported them to the cops, who charged the Roughts with terroristic threats and harassment.


Also: None of this is a recommended course of action for life.

83- and 89-year-old couple, Harold & Ruth Rought, threaten to kill neighbors over cat poop: cops [NYDN]