Gay Marriage Gaining Momentum Rapidly in New York State


The prospects of gay marriage moving forward in the State Senate look far healthier today than they did even 24 hours ago. Since then, three Democratic and the first ever Republican state senators have move from the “no” to “yes” columns, bringing the total number of yes votes to 30.

Trying to get their side to the magic number of 32, activists on both sides of the issue are having multiple demonstrations today.

City Hall is playing host to a rally of anti-gay marriage clergy right about now (after 11:30), with a counter-demonstration by marriage equality activists at the same time. Then, later this evening, the gay activists will turn the pressure from their foes toward perhaps their highest profile ally, Governor Andrew Cuomo. They will assemble outside “Priscilla: Queen of the Desert” at the Palace Theatre and demand that homosexual money not be donated to the Governor until the marriage vote actually happens.