Go the F**k to Sleep, Read by Samuel L. Jackson, Is Kind of Perfection


Have you heard of the children’s book Go the F**k to Sleep, which has become an instant hit largely because it has the word “fuck” in it? (It’s also a brilliant antidote to helicopter parenting and all of the overprotective nonsense that prevents adults from truly enjoying their precious little miracles. Babies don’t know what the f-word is!) Anyway, the book is currently a #2 Amazon bestseller. And now it has gotten an audiobook narration from no other than Samuel L. Jackson. The beauty of this merger is evident within seconds (listen to a sample here). You can currently download the 6-minute read at Audible for free. “He’s pretty much the PERFECT reader for the book,” Johnny Temple, the publisher of Akashic Books, told the New York Times. Yep. [BuzzFeed]