La Esquina 2.0 Is Chugging Merrily Along


In other defunct-diner news today, it seems that plans are coming right along for La Esquina 2.0, or rather Café de la Esquina at Wythe Diner (it helps to say that three times fast).

Grub Street has learned that restaurant, which is located in the old Relish Diner space in Williamsburg, will be comprised of a taqueria, café, “intimate back dining room,” and capacious outdoor garden. The taqueria bit is being built onto the existing space and, surprise, the dining room will be “exclusive.” There’s not yet an opening date, but it seems likely its owners will want to capitalize on that garden space sooner than later.

UPDATE: Reps for La Esquina write in to say that the reservations policy for the restaurant’s dining room is still being determined. It may or may not be handled in the same manner as that of the Manhattan La Esquina. Stay tuned …