Lobster Roll Proliferation Is Partially Attributable to Foursquare


CBS News has discovered Foursquare, a “mobile application that allows its 10 million users to virtually check in from their smart phone when they visit a local business.”

To explore this brand-new phenomenon, they visit the flagship location of Luke’s Lobster, where co-owner Luke Holden explains that much of his success has been attributable to social media like Foursquare because “word of mouth among your friends is stronger than, I think, any other form of advertising, in my opinion.” Asked if one can still open a business without using social media, he replies, “I think it’s possible, but I don’t think it’s smart.”

We’re still of the unshakable opinion that “checking in” to a place of business with the goal of becoming its “mayor” is the pursuit of “ninnies.” That said, more power to small businesses that can use this sort of thing to their advantage instead of paying someone to write the ham-fisted press releases that clog our spam filters.

And as a side note: There is such thing as a butter wheel. They use one at Luke’s to butter their hot dog buns. Foursquare may be the way of the future, but this is the stuff of sheer genius.