‘Mommyrexia’ Is the Cute New Word for Being an Anorexic Mom


There is an article in the New York Post today that sheds light on an important issue facing Manhattan women — specifically, Manhattan women with babies. The Post dubs it “Mommyrexia.” Adorable, right? Unfortunately, mommyrexia is not the fear of being a mom; no, it is the fear of being a FAT MOM. Because that would be a fate worse than death. Which, actually, mostly just sounds like anorexia.

These mommyrexics hail from the Upper East Side, where tastes run to homemade vegan apple walnut puree and Madonna arms, as well as horrible, self-depleting obsessions. Poor Karen gained 43 pounds during her pregnancy! How humiliating to stroll among the skinny Upper East Side moms! And even though she’s lost the weight, things are still not perfect!

“A year later, I’m back to my original weight, but I’ve accepted that my stomach will never look the same again,” she says, pointing to a barely perceptible “pregnancy pouch.”

“All of my relatives gush about how good I look — but here on the Upper East Side, I feel like everyone around me looks much better.”

Along with all the skinny moms walking around looking better than them in real life, mommyrexics are forced to see skinny moms on TV and in the magazines. Just look at Bethenny Frankel, Rachel Zoe, and Victoria Beckham! They are so skinny! This, according to the Post, makes Karen’s “paranoia” less “crazy.” (This, according to us, makes us feel like all of these people should chill out and eat a few sandwiches. Each.)

You should be concerned about mommyrexia if you are worried about losing your husband’s attention, or if you are really focused on your beauty as the main part of your allure — a/k/a if you probably shouldn’t be having a baby in the first place without some good old-fashioned therapy.

Who wants lunch?