Momofuku Milk Bar Cools Kings County Down With Brooklyn-Only Frozen Treats


Last Wednesday, Momofuku Milk Bar opened its doors near its commissary kitchen in Williamsburg. Along with the usual array of cookies and pork buns, the Brooklyn Milk Bar is serving its own unique soft-serve flavor: raspberry lemonade ($4.50). It’s hard to imagine a more satisfying summer ice cream flavor. It’s pleasantly tart, sweet without being cloying, and perfectly light and creamy. It’s easy to see how most people could finish a cup in about 10 seconds. Sorry, East Villagers; this flavor is only available in the new Brooklyn space. Another Brooklyn-only frozen treat?

That would be the ice milks ($4), available in three different flavors: cereal milk, blackberry and kaffir lime, and Arnold Palmer. These babies are only available at the Brooklyn Flea and its new cousin, Smorgasburg. Momofuku Milk Bar master Christina Tosi created them when she realized hauling a giant soft-serve machine to an outdoor flea market would be impractical. Instead, she came up with these strange yet delicious hybrids, which are just a tad creamier than your standard ice. The cereal-milk version was seriously intense, like a distilled, extra-cold version of its soft-serve counterpart. Overall, Tosi is creating some pretty big incentives for Milk Bar fans to cross the East River.

Momofuku Milk Bar Brooklyn
382 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn