New York Is Dirty, But Not the Dirtiest


According to a ranking of America’s dirtiest cities by Travel and Leisure magazine (thank you, Travel and Leisure), New York City is not at the very top of dirtiness in terms of cities that are dirty — that honor goes to New Orleans. But fear not, New Yorkers, we’re still in the top 10. We’re still dirty!

In fact, New York came in at number five, behind Philadelphia, L.A., Memphis, and, of course, New Orleans. This is something of an improvement as we came in first last year. Travel and Leisure explains, “But AFC voters seem to champion New York because of its less-than-sterile vibe, and not in spite of it. There’s world-class culture, cool neighborhoods, and diverse locals. Just be prepared to pay for it: NYC ranked as the most expensive city in the nation.”

Hear that? We’re awesome because we’re dirty. Okay, then.

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