Weiner: Resign or Not Resign?


That is the question.

Even President Obama has weighed in on this scandal, saying, “If that was me, I would resign.”

But fortunately, his Twitpics haven’t surfaced, so he doesn’t have to worry.

But then there’s a growing faction of the public saying that Weiner should be left alone in privates, I mean “private.” He didn’t do anything harmful. He’s seeking therapy (for what — Twitpicking?) He was just flirting. He’ll stop. And besides, he’s not one of those hypocritical family-values people.

But the thing is … he lied! A lot! He denied and evaded!

Is this the kind of person who should be in charge of our political futures?

Then again, if everyone who lied was taken out of office, Congress would be as empty as the theaters showing The Beaver.