Who Will Be The Next Pop Star To Draw Inspiration From t.A.T.u.?


It probably shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise that the attention-seeking girl-kisser Katy Perry drew inspiration from the Russian pop duo t.A.T.u.; her recent creepy chart-topper “E.T.” sounds as good as it does in large part because it’s heavily inspired by the pair’s still-dizzying 2002 Trevor Horn-produced single “All The Things She Said” (above). But now Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz are getting in on the act as well; yesterday Weezy released the Swizz-produced song “Dear Anne,” a ruminative epistolary track that’s supposed to serve as a sequel of sorts to Eminem’s letter-to-a-disturbed-fan smash “Stan” and that samples “30 Minutes,” which appeared on the same album as “Things.” Clips of the new song and the source material after the jump.

Lil Wayne, “Dear Anne (Stan Part 2)”

t.A.T.u., “30 Minutes”

So which pop star will be inspired by t.A.T.u. next? A 180 by Adele and the proclamation that Horn (he of Art of Noise, the Buggles, and “Kiss From A Rose”) would produce her next record would certainly fan a lot of flames, but it’s highly unlikely. Lady Gaga’s probably too proud to command inspiration from these ladies. Perhaps Britney Spears, then? The “retro fetishism for when I was first popular” pose would probably be a better look than covering Madonna.

More importantly, if three does make the t.A.T.u. revival a trend, will it mean that the Mischa Barton vehicle about the band that’s been filming since 2007 (!) will finally see the light? Or has the t.A.T.u. moment passed long enough ago that it’ll have to air on VH1 Classic?