Williamsburg Rabbis Push Summer Tank Top Ban


Old-world beliefs are alive and well in Williamsburg, mostly the province of superficial young people these days, but also still a neighborhood with large pockets of religious families. The Central Rabbinical Congress, a group of leading Hasidic rabbis, has kicked off a poster campaign in South Williamsburg recommending “women to avoid wearing tank tops, T-shirts, and clingy dresses.” The signs are entirely in Hebrew except for the words “tank tops.”

WPIX, via The L Magazine reports that, “A Williamsburg neighborhood modesty group has also reportedly been pressuring women not to speak on cell phones in public and to cross the street when they see a man walking in the opposite direction.”

There’s no accounting for religious rules and beliefs, but the public campaign seems to be a strange step considering that the pious, who likely already know the rules, could probably be reminded inside the home or face-to-face by church leadership. “This is America,” as one local resident reminded us.

As far as community outreach, this is about on par with deleting Hillary Clinton from the newspaper.

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