Wine Could Soon Be Available in NY Supermarkets; Beers War Erupts in Wisconsin


Craft brewers are furious over a new MillerCoors-backed piece of legislature in Wisconsin that they say will prevent microbrewers from opening more than one brewpub to sell and market their own beer. [Salon]

What are the top-selling beer holidays in the United States? We’ll give you a hint: One of them rhymes with “Shmuper Bowl.” [Huffington Post]

A new poll reveals that New Yorkers support wine being sold in grocery stores by 20 percentage points — something that might become a reality thanks to a piece of bipartisan legislation recently introduced to the state Legislature. [Fox]

The crackdown on underage drinking on the Lower East Side continues, including a raid on casual bar/art gallery Culturefix. [Grub Street]

A new study shows that beer consumption helps athletes’ performance. Sadly, the health benefits only apply to nonalcoholic wheat beer. [UPI]