60 Percent of Americans Want Anthony Weiner to Resign; Kate Middleton to ‘Be Seen and Not Heard’ on U.S./Canada Trip


A national poll has shown that 60 percent of Americans are in favor of Rep. Anthony Weiner resigning from Congress following his sext scandal. A full 70 percent have an unfavorable view of him. People are taking pictures of the plaque bearing his name out in front of his office at the Capitol and laughing, apparently. Ouch. [NYP]

Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, has returned from a trip to Africa with Hillary Clinton. Weiner had reportedly been awaiting her return to decide whether or not to resign. [NBC NY]

Rent regulation laws are set to expire this week, though this isn’t expected to immediately affect renters in the city. [NY1]

Larry Davis, 22, who allegedly killed his grandma and stuffed her in the closet, then had sex in her bed, has been charged with killing a transvestite prostitute. [NYDN]

Four-year graduation rates set a record 65 percent in 2010 — though the Department of Education officials pointed out that only 35 percent of these students were actually considered ready for college. [WSJ]

Kate Middleton will “be seen and not heard” on her tour of Canada and the U.S., her first foreign tour as duchess. According to Prince William’s private secretary, “The Duchess has made leaps and bounds which have amazed us all, but we don’t want to rush our fences.” [Telegraph]

Not sleeping enough makes you hungry. Sleeping could make you hungry, too, however. Bagel? [LAT]