Birdbath’s Ricotta-Caramel Toast Is a Breakfast of Champions


Even though there are a couple other outposts of Birdbath, City Bakery’s eco-friendly peddler of pastries and snacks, it’s always a happy day when a new one springs forth into the city. The newest location opened last month at 35 Third Avenue, and given its proximity to the Village Voice office, we had to swing by and sample the goodies. And are we glad we did, because the ricotta-caramel toast is pretty amazing.

A slice of rustic toast is slathered with a nice dark caramel that has a lovely burnt sugar flavor, and which is combined with shishimi togarashi, the Japanese seven-spice blend, for a lingering heat. The bread is then topped with a dollop of thick, creamy ricotta.

The toast goes for $4.50, but is on the small side should you be looking for lunch. But as a breakfast treat, it’s sized perfectly, and tiptoes along the tightrope between sweet and savory, thus solving the eternal breakfast dilemma. Add in a coffee and you’re already on your way to a happy day.