How to Booze It Up and Not Get Fat


The great thing about drinking is the fun, happy feeling that comes with being drunk. The downside, however, is that if you drink too much, you’re gonna be putting on the pounds like whoa. Bikini season no-no! Now, the point of drinking might just be to forget about a world of calorie counting, but for those who want to drink most effectively, comes the self-explanatory website Get Drunk Not Fat.

The extensive website features the calorie counts for most name-brand spirits, beers, and prepared beverages, plus a cocktail or two thrown in for good measure. The real genius of the site, however, compares the calories for a given beverage with the alcohol by volume. So if you want to get wasted but not pack on the pounds, you should drink Everclear and not TGIF’s On the Rocks Mudslide. Packing on the hangover, though, well, that’s a different issue.