James Stafford and Brice Farrell Attempt 3 a.m. Climb of Williamsburg Bridge, Are Busted


It happens with some regularity. Someone calling himself an “urban explorer” will attempt to climb a New York City bridge under cover of night — or, more obviously, in broad daylight — to explore “urbanly,” and to capture it in film and/or photographs. This happened last night. Our culprits, James Stafford, 22, and Brice Farrell, 25, were caught attempting to climb the bridge at around 3 a.m. (they were spotted by trusty Aviation Unit officers on sky patrol, reports the Daily News), and charged with reckless endangerment.

Interestingly, the issue was not with our adventurous twentysomethings causing damage to the bridge, but with them causing damage to police officers who have to rescue them when they inevitably freeze way up high — it’s scary up there! Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, “What it does is put our police officers at risk to climb up on the bridge to get people down. We would certainly urge other people not to do this.” Also, it freaks people out.