Jessica White, Model, Gets Off Easy in Assault Case


What a day for ladies and crime. First we had the innocent Trader Joe’s Thai Food slapper and then the stealing socialite. Now, the marauding model gets her case dismissed. Jessica White was arrested outside Avenue Lounge after she allegedly hit a woman and pulled her hair in a dispute over a cab in October. She was “celebrating” her breakup with Sean Penn. Maybe he got her in the fighting spirit. Today her charges were dropped given that she pay the woman she assaulted about $490 (WPIX says $489.94), do three days of community service, go to anger management and not get herself arrested for another six months.

Her lawyer said that White “maintained her innocence from day one and that has not changed,” according to the Daily News. Okay.

We think the moral of this story should be one for all New Yorkers: never fight over a cab, there will always be another one. And if you must fight over a cab: be a swimsuit model.