Manhattan Apartment Has Party Pool With Swing, Is for Sale


New York real estate! It’s either overpriced, shitty, and minuscule, or it’s just sick. Sick, like, there’s a pool instead of a living room, or there’s a pool in the living room, a pool where decadent parties (shades of the Playboy Mansion) used to take place. A pool with a swing hanging over it. This particular pool-having home, located on West 15th Street between Seventh and Eight Avenues, is currently on the market, reports the Wall Street Journal. For an asking price of $10.955 million, you could own 30,000 gallons of water, filling a 15-by-30-foot, 8-foot-deep pool. Plus, of course, the swing. These are key elements in any “trophy property.”

The owner of the apartment, Evelyn McMurray Van-Zeller, inherited it from her brother, who sounds like quite the party guy. She lives there now, and her three turtles and Yorkshire terrier named Chloe often enjoy the pool. Still, she’s ready to return to Europe, where her real life is happening. Plus, like our parents always said, maintaining a pool is a lot of work. The plus side:

“You feel like you’re on a permanent holiday,” she said. “There’s almost no reason to leave the house [with] the pool, the sauna [and] the gym.”

Clearly, the pool is the centerpiece here, but there are also six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a garden with its own pool on the property. As for the smell of chlorine…that which does not kill only makes you stronger.

It’s worth watching this video to know that you will never live like this woman, and for that, you should be grateful.