Prospect Park’s Geese to Be Eaten by Pennsylvanians


Following last year’s mass slaughter of Prospect Park geese, the Department of Environmental Protection is trying to appease its numerous critics. Not by emphasizing its concern for animal welfare, mind you, but by touting its dedication to recycling. This summer, instead of being left to rot in a landfill, the geese will feed Pennsylvanians.

Because Pennsylvania already has “established protocol for processing and distributing slaughtered geese,” City Room reports, the birds will be sent to a slaughterhouse there and then distributed to various food banks. New York has been busy putting its own protocols into place, so next year the culled geese will be destined for local food banks.

Incidentally, there are many recipes for Canada geese to be found on the Internet. The Atlantic even wrote a whole story about it last fall, complete with a recipe for goose mortadella. Making it only a matter of time, we suppose, until some enterprising locavore decides to start lurking around Prospect Park, shotgun in hand.