Spider-Man Has Opened! And I Have Spoken!


The tangled web has sorted itself out and, after only eight years of waiting (or at least it felt that way), Spidey has finally swung his buggin’ ass around for the critics — this time officially.

Click here for my review, in which I tell you whether the can of repellent is still called for, or if this show has (many) legs to stand on.

I totally inform you whether the long-simmering spectacle is thrilling, boring, or both — and I even tell you why!

Trust me, it’s a funny review. I even managed to work in a mention of Anthony Weiner. In the first sentence!

I also discuss Sunday’s Tony Awards and how they were even gayer than last year’s Tony Awards!

I even ran into Bono at an after-party!

He’s now completely in my (worldwide) web.