This Week in the Voice: 33 Reasons We Love Summer In the City


This week in the Village Voice, out today: Jen Doll reflects on the endless number of reasons why nothing beats summer in the city, from the sudden acceptance of jorts to truly owning the city (and the country) to feeling like you’re on vacation when you’re not to air-conditioning-based love. When the next heat wave sets in and your optimism has sweated out, this list will be there for you.

Elsewhere in the Voice, Christopher Weingarten reviews Fucked Up’s triumphant David Comes To Life.

Lauren Shockey tells you where to slurp that “Thai-spicy” pig blood.

Karina Longworth tears apart the latest super hero flop, Green Lantern.

J. Hoberman takes on Andrew Rossi’s inside look at the New York Times, which he dubs “Part vérité, part infomercial.”

Michael Musto is buggin’ because he actually saw Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which he found “to be spectacular and dull at the same time.”

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