“Piss in urinals that Lou Reed pissed in!” Well, good luck finding one he hasn’t pissed in. But this is just one promised pursuit within the Rocks Off Rock ‘n’ Roll History Walking Tours, a new crop of sojourns through the East Village and Lower East Side that promise to enlighten fans and neophytes alike on debauched heroes of these hoods, from the Buzzcocks to the Strokes. Don’t worry, these excursions aren’t one further step toward the death and/or institutionalization of rock, blah, blah. They deliver real insider dirt, as the punk tour is hosted by John “Bloodclot” Joseph (proudly batshit former frontman of the righteous Cro-Mags) and the rock tour is hosted by Rocks Off owner Jake Szufnarowski (the guy who convinces Eyehategod and the Bouncing Souls to play aboard booze-soaked yachts). Their knowledge is actually power.

Sat., June 25, 3 p.m., 2011