Battle of the Fancy(ish) Black and White Milkshakes: Stand vs. BLT Burger


Over the past fortnight, we’ve been looking at some of the frozen delights that New York City has to offer. We’ve tried gelato and soft-serve, icy Asian delights, and good ole ice cream sandwiches. But we haven’t yet examined the beverage of the frozen treat world: milkshakes.

Milkshakes are awesome because they basically let you eat dessert before you’ve finished your meal. Take that, Mom! But then there’s the eternal dilemma: chocolate or vanilla? But luckily God created the black and white, combining chocolate and vanilla. But it’s a tricky one to pull off without ending up too chocolaty or too vanilla-ish. So for this week’s Battle of the Dishes, we went to Stand and nearby burger counterpart BLT Burger for a Battle of the Fancy(ish) Black and White Milkshakes.

We decided to check out Stand first, having enjoyed some of its quirky milkshake options (hello, toasted marshmallow) in the past, so we headed there to sample the goods. Available in a small size for $6 or a large size for $8, the milkshake comes crowned with thick whipped cream.

Here, the black and white is made by combining both vanilla and chocolate gelato. In truth, the resulting beverage was very chocolaty — not necessarily a bad thing, but the vanilla flavor was slightly masked. The whipped cream topping was an added bonus, though, and added an extra level of creaminess. All in all, a quality shake, though it could have been a touch thicker if you want to get all nitpicky about things.

We then trekked down 12th Street until we hit Sixth Avenue and popped into BLT Burger. Its shake selection is far more limited than Stand’s offerings, but the classic varieties are available. It, too, was $6, making this a good battle.

When our shake arrived, we were pleased to see that it was larger than Stand’s by about 2 or 3 ounces. But on the downside, it didn’t come with any whipped cream. Here, the shake is made the classic way, by combining vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. Compared with Stand’s, it was a bit sweeter — not necessarily something you desire in a milkshake — but the vanilla flavor was on equal footing with the chocolate, something you definitely want.

Additionally, this shake was considerably thicker than Stand’s, placing it more in the dessert realm and somewhat less in the beverage category.

So which shake is going to shake its booty in glee and which will shiver in shame?

BLT Burger wins!

Ultimately, this shake was thicker and the best balanced between the chocolate and vanilla, which is basically the whole point of the black and white.

BLT Burger was the clear winner. If only every battle were so black and white.