East River Could Maybe, For Real, Get Floating Pools


Is there anything better than a floating pool? Well, maybe. Rooftop pools, and pools in the middle of your living room, and even regular old pool-pools — those are all pretty great. But we live on an island surrounded by water (an archipelago, if you will!) and as such, the concept of a pool floating out there in the questionable waters that surround us — a pool filled with its own clean, refreshing water, of course — is very exciting. Today Curbed reports that it could happen in the East River! +Pool, a company that came up with the idea of creating four floating pools in a plus-sign shape (get it?), has partnered with an engineering firm and has a Kickstarter page.

They hope to raise $25,000 by July 15 — currently they have almost $5,000 promised. The money would go to help test a system that would filter water through the pools’ walls to make sure it wasn’t, you know, gross. If all goes well, +Pool would then build a working prototype. Awesome. Also awesome: Getting +Pool koozies, sunglasses, and beach paraphernalia for your donation.

Check out +Pool’s explanatory video here.