Edward Meehan, MTA Bus Driver, Suspended After Using Bus as Party Pad


Of all the nasty things that have probably happened on an NYC bus, this might be the worst. An MTA bus driver used his bus after hours to meet with an unidentified lady friend. The driver, Edward Meehan, had already received 14 suspensions for a variety of violations including speeding and running red lights, and last week he received his 15th suspension when the MTA caught him using his bus for the get-togethers while he was on the clock. At the end of his shift, Meehan, 45, was supposed to leave his bus at the depot in Staten Island, but in April, investigators say that he started making his late-night stops on a quiet Staten Island street where the unidentified female would meet him.

Every time, the same woman would get onto the bus and after about 20 or 30 minutes, she would drive away and Meehan would take the bus back to the depot. Meehan told the investigators that he was just talking to the woman, because he was going through a hard time, but most are understandably skeptical. Meehan told the Daily News, “I was just talking to a friend for a little while. I’m happily married.”

On several occasions, Meehan applied for overtime after his late night escapades on the bus. The NYC Transit division suspended Meehan without pay last week, and they are moving to fire him for misconduct.

Next time you take the bus, you should think twice about sitting down. Save those seats for the elderly!