Garrett Mannerz, New York Cop, Accused of Groping Woman Then Asking Her on a Date


A police officer in Nassau County, Long Island pleaded not guilty yesterday to sexually abusing a woman, receiving a bribe and official misconduct. Garrett Mannerz allegedly pulled over three women and gave the driver a sobriety test before removing a passenger and offering to let them go if she “did something for him.” She claims he proceeded to grab her hand, forcing her to touch him sexually in his patrol car. Then he let them go. Later, the woman alleges, he called her repeatedly, spoke sexually and requested a date, but she recorded the conversation and turned him in. Though that might seem like slam-dunk evidence, remember that so-called “rape cop” Kenneth Moreno was on tape ensuring his accuser that he at least wore a condom on the night she was too drunk to get home without NYPD assistance. Moreno went on to argue that he never had sex with the woman who claimed he raped her and was, of course, ruled innocent.