Graffit Will Now Be Called Gastroarte (Sounds Like an Indigestion Medicine, No?)


After a months-long battle over similar names, a resolution of sorts has been called between Graffit (Jesús Nuñez’s experimental Spanish restaurant) and Graffiti (Jehangir Mehta’s experimental, eclectic small-plates restaurant). Because New Yorkers are apparently too dumb to know the difference.

Mehta tells Grub Street, “Last week a food writer got confused and wound up at Graffit by mistake.” Clearly she’s a crap food writer if she can’t figure out the difference between the two. But Mehta further justifies the threat of a lawsuit: “I hope people will feel sorry for us as well. In fact, for us it was worse. Normally when people win a case they get something, but we got zero money. And he has a bigger investor than I do.”

Nuñez tells Grub Street that he decided to change the name because he’d already spent $30,000, and was told it would have cost $100,000 and he only had a 50 percent chance of winning. So he relented. From hereon, Graffit shall be known as Gastroarte, a sort of portmanteau of eating and art that unfortunately sounds like a heartburn medicine.

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