Jamie Oliver Gets Flavored Milk Banned in L.A.; Ferran Adrià Teams Up With Pepsi


Superstar chef Ferran Adrià is forming a new partnership now that El Bulli is about to close … with PepsiCo. [Eater]

Jamie Oliver wins one for the kids as the Los Angeles Unified School District decides to ban flavored milks. [LA Times]

Twenty coffee experts gather in Santa Marta, Colombia, to judge the best beans in the Cup of Excellence competition. [Wired]

A craft-beer renaissance is currently taking place in Japan as small brewers take on giants Asahi, Sapporo, and Kirin. [Slate]

Elmhurst Dairy workers in Queens are up in arms after Starbucks considers going with Texas-based, non-union Dean Foods, which is the biggest milk supplier in the country. [Daily News]