New York Times Still Trying to Push the Rockaways as ‘Hipster-Cool’ Destination


Have you heard about the Rockaways? They are a place that you might want to go! The New York Times wrote about them back in 2008, that’s how much you might want to go — “There are Brooklyn hipsters, Japanese twentysomethings and even Hasidic surfers from Far Rockaway”! Surfin’ safari! Leapin’ lizards! And now the Times is exploring their charms again, focusing, again, on the hipster angle. It’s the anti-Hamptons, nary a popped collar to be seen (unless it’s ironic)!

Here is the scene:

He sat outside Rippers, a new grass-fed-burger shack that opened over the Memorial Day weekend, sipping an iced coffee. In the distance, a pod of surfers bobbed in the water, waiting for waves. An inked-up pal from Brooklyn, carrying a beach umbrella, wandered by to chat about swimming conditions. “The water’s too cold,” said Mr. Kaye, who wore a faded Spuds MacKenzie T-shirt and 10-day stubble. “But you know I had to get in for a minute.”

Enticing, no? Here are some of the things that you will now get in the Rockaways, which you also get in Lower Manhattan and/or Brooklyn:

  • Young, artsy types!
  • Fixies!
  • Skateboards (occasionally)!
  • Bedford Avenue, in boardwalk form!
  • Tattooed sleeves!
  • Wayfarer sunglasses!
  • Brooklyn ZIP codes! (as in, people with them)
  • Vegan food!
  • Dirt!
  • Tacos!
  • Jelly NYC-produced concerts!
  • Moderately affordable real estate (but not really)!
  • Grime!
  • “A rest from chic-ness,” in your sunny condo with “portrait of Marie Antoinette, custom furniture and a bedroom awash in pink,” plus “a sleek balcony with unobstructed ocean views,” as “an escape from the frenzy and pretense of Chelsea.”

Dear New York Times: Please stop trying to make “fetch” happen.

Catching Waves in the Rockaways [NYT]