Purslane and Four Other Things to Look for in the Farmers’ Markets This Weekend


1. Squash Blossoms — Not too much you can do with these babies except stuff ’em with ricotta, dip them in batter, and carefully fry the crap out of them. Vegans will want to use hummus instead.

2. Jerusalem Artichokes (a/k/a Sunchokes) — Scrub these with a brush before you use them, and leave the skin on. Sliced very thin they can be used raw in salads, or roasted whole with olive oil, garlic, and sea salt, along with some baby red potatoes cut in half, if you wish.

3. Breakfast Radishes — Serve them with butter for breakfast.

4. Tri-Star Strawberries — Just arrived in the markets, and extravagantly priced at $6 per quart. Price will hopefully come down, but till then eat them slightly chilled one at a time, or with strained Greek yogurt.

5. Purslane — This roadside weed of Shakespearean vintage is best eaten raw in a salad. With a crunchy stem, and tiny rubbery leaves, it’s best when used with three or four other greens.