Weiner Support Grows With Crotch Shot Website


Amateur PG-13 pornographers are standing up for the vain sexting congressman Anthony Weiner with a new website called baldly Weiner Support. Tag line: “Stick it out — don’t resign!” To prove how little they care about a handful of “lewd” pictures, the site’s users have uploaded photos of their own “packages,” to use Weiner’s favorite term, and even included their names. “Why did we start a crotch shot site?” they ask. “Because we here at Weiner Support, FIRMLY believe that while we still have things on the agenda like a budget deficit measured in miles, loose nukes roaming around the world, and a carbon-drunk planet one shot away from falling off the bar stool, a crotch shot should be the last thing on the news cycle!”

“Plenty of great leaders had spicy personal lives,” the website’s FAQ section stresses, while also pushing for gender equality in crotch shots and being decent enough to ban naked photos. “We here at Weiner Support are ideologically promiscuous and support vocal and effective politicians from both sides of the bun,” they claim. You can see the same thing “on American beaches everywhere,” so what’s the big deal?

Currently there are only three photos on the site — one man and two women — but there’s a big ol’ UPLOAD button right up top.

Oversimplified, maybe, but exhibitionists rejoice.