Barack Obama Thinks Anthony Weiner Will ‘Bounce Back’; Greece in Debt Crisis; Your Commute Might Get an Upgrade


• Barack Obama told Good Morning America that he thinks Rep. Anthony Weiner, who resigned yesterday, and his wife, Huma Abedin, can recover from Weiner’s cybersex scandal: “Obviously it’s been a tough incident for him, but I’m confident that they’ll refocus and he’ll refocus and they’ll end up being able to bounce back,” he said. But what will he do next? (The Hollywood Reporter says he’s been offered a cameo on Entourage.) [NYDN, WSJ]

• The government of Greece is teetering, with Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou trying to put together a new cabinet and promote a new round of spending cuts and concessions so the country can receive emergency loans from the IMF and avoid default, which could lead to “potentially calamitous economic fallout.” [WP]

• The “All-Crimes DNA” bill, which would require a DNA sample from anyone convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, has passed the New York State Senate and is now awaiting vote in the Assembly. [NY1]

NYC Transit is considering upgrading the subway display and announcement systems on city subway cars — including all of the B, D, and 1, 3, and 7 lines. [NYT]

• The new East River ferry has issued a statement about how busy they’ve been. Be patient, folks! Free service ends June 24, which will help, probably. [NY Waterway]

• The Upper West Side will become home to New York’s first wildlife rehab center. [DNA Info]

• Happy Friday! Today will be stormy and in the 70s, but tomorrow is shaping up to be beautiful. [Weather]