Ceferino Perez, Cocaine Kingpin, Did Excellent Photoshop Work


Ceferino “Papo” Perez, an East Harlem cocaine kingpin, was apparently so fond of Al Pacino’s role in Scarface that he did some pretty amazing Photoshopping and put his face right on top of Pacino’s in the movie poster (check it out, at right). The results, which he displayed on his nightstand, are impeccable. According to the Daily News, “He’s very proud of what he’s doing, obviously, and he’s quiet [sic] arrogant and narcissistic,” NYPD Inspector Lori Pollock said. The picture was seized from his apartment, along with “diamond-incrusted bling and mountains of cash.”

Well, Perez clearly has a future in Internet meme-making when he gets out of prison for operating a $650,000-a-year cocaine delivery service, as well as a $1.1 million-a-year wholesale business — for 25 years. Perez is currently being held on Rikers, where we have no idea what decorates his cell.

Maybe it’s this!

Somebody needs a Princess Beatrice hat.