Dave Arnold Joins Forces With David Chang to Make Cookware


Lucky Peach isn’t David Chang’s only extracurricular activity these days: He’s also backing Dax and Booker LLC, a new company from Dave Arnold. Arnold, who is the FCI’s technology director, told Eater National that he intends “to develop a slew of new cooking devices over the next few years, both for restaurant kitchens and for homes.” But he can’t be more specific about the details, because “Dave Chang would find and kill all of you.”

One thing Arnold can be more specific about is the raw-food vegan diet he went on for a week after losing a bet. As you might expect from a man who never met a piece of meat he didn’t sous-vide, he wasn’t impressed by his experience. “The way I see it,” he writes on the FCI’s tech blog, “obsessing over the few extra enzymes you get from raw food is like dumping water in the ocean to raise the tide.”