Evidence That Elaine Stritch Is A Kook


Next up I’ll be serving up evidence that the sky is blue, but first let me deal with this issue:

Broadway veteran Elaine Stritch is known to be a little nutty, cute, quirky, loud, and sometimes obstreperous.

Well, at vintage costume warehouses, people sometimes come across interesting bits of visual gossip, occasionally about Elaine.

Just recently, such a place unearthed a note referring to our dear beloved Stritchy.

It was an invoice stating that Elaine’s fitting for A Little Night Music had to be rescheduled because she was “being uncooperative.”

“That’s so very Stritchy of her,” said drag star Vodka Stinger when she heard about this.

She’s got me in Stritches!

But while I’m laughing my ass off, I’m always a little bit afraid of her!

In separate Broadway star/vintage news, Liza Minnelli just sold off some old lamps.

Were they the same ones the icky David Gest once accused her of throwing?

If so, I hope she got a bundle for them.