My Salmon Jacket Looks Great On Theater Talk Tonight


Isn’t it a theatrical experience unto itself?

And beyond that, Patrick Pacheco (NY1, Los Angeles Times), Jesse Green (New York magazine), and I offer sparklingly dramatic and in fact award-worthy comments about last Sunday’s Tony Awards telecast, the best one in ages.

And then we move on to a discussion of the revised Spider-Man and whether it’s a hit or it’s hit a wall.

And that’s all after the show’s hosts, Susan Haskins and Michael Riedel, grill Nicholas Hytner about the Tony-winning puppet show War Horse.

That’s the same horse, of course, that Daniel Radcliffe poked the eyes out of.

(I’m hoping you didn’t see the Tonys so you’ll think that was an original joke.)

Anyway, it’s tonight on Channel 13 at 12:30.

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