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Here we are on a rainy Friday afternoon, looking back at the week’s sunnier days …

Way Station’s Andy Heidel talks about Flaming Moes, Dr. Who-themed cocktails, and that infamous stroller manifesto.

Our 10 Best New Frozen Treats.

Why is my spicy tuna roll spicy? Here’s why.

Chefs have some suggestions about where to take dad for Father’s Day.

The Baconery will give bacon its own bakery.

Del Posto line cook and travel writer Claire Handleman talks about the joys of eating in Thailand and the life of a line cook.

Battle of the Fancy(ish) Black and White Milkshakes: Stand v. BLT Burger.

Purslane and four other things to look for at the Greenmarket this weekend.

Fany Gerson’s Paletas will prime your palate for frozen delights.

The sanitary jacket: a revolutionary device that will change ice cream eating forever.

The Early Word on Bosie Tea Parlor.

Greenpoint’s Anella does an about-face.

Momofuku Milk Bar cools down Kings County with Brooklyn-only frozen treats.

The wild and wacky flavors of Il Laboratorio del Gelato.

Some thoughts on eating doggie ice cream.

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