The Boob Luge: Because Why Not Drink Booze Out of Frozen Breasts


File under totally-unnecessary-but-still-kind-of-awesome inventions: the boob luge. Yes, when those evenings at the local watering hole are getting boring, why not down some tasty cocktails right from a frozen nipple? And you’re in luck, because if you haven’t had the chance to see one in the frozen flesh, the Spotted Pig has you covered the weekend after next.

In honor of Gay Pride weekend, the restaurant will be hosting its annual party on June 26 and will be offering its “Don’t Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen” shot, made from house-infused vanilla vodka with ginger syrup, served right from the giant boob luge.

Better yet, you can buy your own boob luge for only $25! Throw in some LED pucks and you’ve got yourself a pair of glowing frozen breasts. Seriously, this actually sounds kind of amazing. And yes, for those of you who think this is insulting to women, fear not, a penis luge also exists.